Anna Graceman – Next Generation – Acoustic Version

All Music and Lyrics by Anna Graceman Social Media Chords: Verse- Am,G,D Pre-Chorus- Am,G,D Chorus- Am,G,E Bridge- F,D,G,C Lyrics – Next Generation They carry wars in their pockets Unleashing them wherever they go Invisible lines is what separates us And those lines were established long ago Believe in what.. read more →

Breanna Lynn to be the next Taylor Swift

We recently ran across a wonderful, rising star Breanna Lynn. This talented musician has teamed with a number of highly credited producers such as, Ken Caillat, Keith Follese and Jamie O’Neil. It was a pleasure listening to Breanna, I’m sure it will be the same for you. We’re a fan for sure, so check her out and if you like.. read more →

Everybody needs a little “Danger” in their lives: DIMMN

Everybody needs a little “Danger” in their lives, and that is exactly what these boys are getting accomplished… Formed in mid-2007, Danger Is My Middle Name has hit the ground running after members of other Chicago bands united, and decided to form a group that was dedicated and hard working right from the start. Right.. read more →

Indie / Acoustic / Folk Rock Artist: VideoPhonic

Indie / Acoustic / Folk Rock Artist: VideoPhonic Living in Oklahoma, indie / acoustic / folk rock artist Amanda Gazin is making headway with her new tracks entitled Scream and Traffic which are now available on iTunes. With some help from a friend Matt Harrison, they’ve become quite a collaboration that pleases the ear. As.. read more →