17 Apr 2012

You need 1.21 gigawatts, Time Panels, Flux Capacitors and of course, a DeLorean…

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This is a fresh take on something we all love, the 80′s. I mean seriously, a time traveling DeLorean, what more do you need? Check out this awesome music video from Nick Ellis and the Noise. Delorean, is their first single and I can tell you already, it’s going to be a hit. Check it out for yourselves.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and we play new-wave synth-pop inspired by the 80’s and time travel. We sound like a marriage between Depeche Mode and the Beverly Hills cop theme.


Video Credits:
Producer: Martin Öberg
Director: Ralph Chesterson
Cinematography: Daniel Riley
Editing: Joachim Nakagawa Stråning
Makeup: Claudia-Yianina De Las Mercedes
Assistant Cameraman: Caleb Smith
Set Designer: Liselotte Wennerstrand
Grading: Martin Öberg
Delorean car: Reine Gahnström
Production assistants: Jack Dickenson, Jenny Ekedahl, Johan Holmgren
Note: We are not in any way affiliated with the Delorean Motor Company. We’re just big fans :)



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